ethan murphy

big smoke

I have now lived in a metropolis for five years, one fifth of my life. It is filled with mundane routine, repetition but is also abundant with moments of spectacle. The rest of my life has been spent living at a much slower pace on the island of Newfoundland. This reference point is ultimately at the core of this work since I am constantly comparing living in a metropolis to living in a sparsely populated region.

When making pictures in a metropolis I became interested in the challenge of making the mundane everyday routine appear interesting. Photographing became a way of turning this repetition into spectacle. Spectacular moments were also unavoidable and became normal, practically mundane. This work examines the relationship between the two without insisting one or the other. As viewers we approach images and attempt to understand them by bringing ourselves to the image, relying on our life experience in order to guide our comprehension. Adapting to a new environment is a similar experience, we bring what we know to this new place in order to help us adapt.

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